Learning Design

The World Campus Learning Design team is responsible for the development, delivery, and support of 700 + course sections each semester. This design shop is marked by a seamless integration of instructional designers, multimedia developers, educational technologists, and quality assurance working together to assure the highest quality learning experiences for adult students at a distance. Services include:

  • instructional design
  • accessibility and usability
  • quality assurance support
  • multimedia production
  • key systems solutions
  • programming and IT support

The magic of the experience is the unique partnership between each designer and faculty member. It is this partnership combined with Learning Design’s focus on the needs and characteristics of the adult learner, appropriate pedagogy, and appropriate technology that assures the adult student studying at a distance has a quality learning experience. World Campus Learning Design operates under the belief, as stated by Dr. Michael G. Moore, that “Distance Education is about the learner and access, and not technology.” Thus, technologies are integrated into courses to address the unique learning goals of each course—and not for technology in and of itself.

Visit the World Campus Learning Design website for details.

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