World Campus

In 1998 The Pennsylvania State University launched its 25th campus of the University, Penn State World Campus, to provide adult learners access to a quality Penn State education through the convenience and flexibility of online delivery. The campus began with just 48 enrollments in four programs and has since grown to more than 150 programs. The World Campus provides adult learners worldwide with access to many of Penn State’s highly regarded graduate, undergraduate, and continuing professional education degrees, certificates, and courses available anytime, anywhere. Whether students want to complete degrees, become more professionally marketable, or sharpen a few skills, World Campus can help provide the quality education they desire.

World Campus Mission

The mission of the Penn State World Campus is to be the premier provider of higher education to adults through online delivery. We strive to impact Pennsylvania, serve the nation, and reach the world – delivering convenience, flexibility, and a media-rich, learner-centric experience to busy adults. The World Campus upholds Penn State’s tradition of quality, offering the same Penn State undergraduate and graduate degrees, taught by the same Penn State faculty.

Is the World Campus an academic unit like other Penn State Campuses?

World Campus is a special mission campus of Penn State that works in partnership with academic units to deliver Penn State undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs to learners at a distance. Penn State academic colleges retain academic authority while University Policy AD-55 designates the World Campus as the single delivery unit for programs offered at a distance. The strength of this model is the partnership between the academic units and the World Campus in delivering high-quality online programs to learners at a distance.

Quality & Flexibility

Two key words for World Campus are quality and flexibility. Students can expect the same high-quality, academically challenging courses as those taught in residence. The credits students earn through World Campus are the same as those earned at other Penn State campuses.

World Campus also gives students the flexibility to choose where they study. As job responsibilities grow increasingly complex and family schedules become more hectic, online education enables students to study at times and locations that are convenient for them.


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